Patronage and Symbols of St. Peter

St. Peter Patron Saint of Popes
Symbols of St Peter The inverted cross and Keys to Heaven

Symbols of St. Peter The reversed
cross and Keys to Heaven

"Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah. For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father. And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the nether world shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven"
(Matthew 16:17b-19).

With those words Jesus lay Saint Peter Patron's destiny.
They were a struggle for him from his wondrous revelation that Jesus was the Messiah to his devastation when he realized Jesus prediction (that Peter would deny him thrice before the cock crowed at dawn the day of Jesus' execution) became truth.

The life of Saint Peter changed dramatically from that of a simple fisherman when he chose to follow Jesus. The New Testament clearly defines Peter as not only having a special relationship with Jesus but that Jesus' appointed leader of the Apostles. He was privileged to witness the Transfiguration, the raising of a child from death, the agony at Gethsemane. He was sent with John to prepare the Passover meal before Jesus' crucifixion and he was the first to enter the tomb after Jesus had risen from the dead. St. Peter Patron Saint is named first on every list of apostles.

The Gospels prove the turmoil Saint Peter Patron endured struggling with his faith.
He was said to have been a rather impatient soul, easily angered. He gave up his belongings only to innocently ask, "What are we to get for all of this?" (Matthew 19:27). Peter accepted Jesus' doctrine of forgiveness only to suggest it be limited to seven times. He walked on water until his faith began to falter and caused him to sink. He refused to let Jesus wash his feet but then asked that his whole body be cleansed. At the Last Supper he swore he would never deny Jesus and then did just that not once but three times before dawn. His loyalty to Jesus is displayed when he cut off Malchus's ear in Jesus defense in the Garden of Gethsemane but before the crucifixion he ran away out of fear. Then he wept bitter tears and Jesus forgave him. Peter was the first Jesus appeared to at the Sea of Galilee after his Resurrection and Jesus appeared to him again even as Peter sought to avoid persecution by fleeing Rome. Peter was the first to perform miracles in Jesus' name. He was the first named Bishop of Jerusalem and by definition of the Catholic Church the first Pope.

He was a leader of the Apostles and learned, in his own time, how to speak to convert others to Christianity. He gave his life for love of the Lord whom he worshiped with so much confusion and the truth he had witnessed first hand.

Today, aside from having countless cities churches dedicated and named to his honor, Saint Peter is the Patron Saint of fishermen, bakers, butchers, clock makers and cobblers, foot problems and harvesters, locksmiths, and stonemasons and ship builders St. Peter has also been suggested as possible patron of the Internet.

St. Peter Patron is often pictured as holding the keys of Heaven.
Paintings have represented the life of St. Peter from receiving the keys of Heaven from Christ to his martyrdom of being crucified upside down.

In reference to St. Peter Patron's occupation before becoming an Apostle, Popes wear 'the Fisherman's Ring' which bears the image of St. Peter casting his nets from the fishing boat. The Pope's authority is also symbolized by keys. In the Gospel of Matthew (16:18-19) Jesus promised Saint Peter 'the keys of the kingdom of heaven'.

St. Peter the Patron Saint is most often depicted as an elderly man
holding a key or set of keys and a book. Other Symbols of St. Peter include an
inverted cross, a boat, and a rooster (commonly called 'a cock').

Whose patron is St. Peter?

Patron saint against feet problems
Patron saint against fever
Patron saint against foot problems
Patron saint against frenzy

Patron saint of bakers
Patron saint of bridge builders
Patron saint of butchers
Patron saint of clock makers
Patron saint of cobblers
Patron saint of fishermen
Patron saint of harvesters
Patron saint of locksmiths
Patron saint of longevity
Patron saint of masons
Patron saint of net makers
Patron saint of papacy
Patron saint of popes
Patron saint of ship builders
Patron saint of shipwrights
Patron saint of shoemakers
Patron saint of stone masons
Patron saint of Universal Church
Patron saint of watch makers

Patron saint of Affi, Italy
Patron saint of Bath Abbey
Patron saint of Belvedere Ostrense, Italy
Patron saint of Berchtesgaden Abbey
Patron saint of Berlin, Germany, archdiocse of
Patron saint of Birzebbuga, Malta
Patron saint of Bremen, Germany
Patron saint of Calbayog, Philippines, diocese of
Patron saint of Capriata d'Orba, Italy
Patron saint of Castelletto d'Orba, Piedmont, Italy
Patron saint of Chartres, France
Patron saint of Chatillon, Aosta, Italy
Patron saint of Cluny, France
Patron saint of Cologne, Germany
Patron saint of Corbie Abbey
Patron saint of Davao, Philippines, archdiocese of
Patron saint of Exeter College, Oxford, England
Patron saint of Dunajská Streda, Slovakia
Patron saint of Gabiano, Italy
Patron saint of Jackson, Mississippi, diocese of
Patron saint of Köpenick, Germany
Patron saint of Lanuvio, Italy
Patron saint of Las Vegas, Nevada, diocese of
Patron saint of Lessines, Belgium
Patron saint of Leuven, Belgium
Patron saint of London, England
Patron saint of Maralal, Kenya, diocese of
Patron saint of Marquette, Michigan, diocese of
Patron saint of Mdina, Malta
Patron saint of Moissac, France
Patron saint of Nadur, Gozo, Malta
Patron saint of Naumburg, Germany
Patron saint of Obermarsberg, Germany
Patron saint of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, archdiocese of
Patron saint of Poznan, Poland
Patron saint of Providence, Rhode Island, diocese of
Patron saint of Regensburg, Germany
Patron saint of Rome, Italy
Patron saint of Saint Petersburg, Russia
Patron saint of Scranton, Pennsylvania, diocese of
Patron saint of Sint Pieters Rode, Belgium
Patron saint of Toa Baja, Puerto Rico
Patron saint of Umbria, Italy
Patron saint of Worms, Germany

Symbols of Saint Peter

• book
• cock or rooster
• reversed cross
• keys of Heaven
• keys
• pallium
• papal vestments
• Apostle holding a book
• Apostle holding a scroll
• bald man, often with a fringe of hair on the sides and a tuft on top
• man crucified head downwards
• man holding a key or keys
• man robed as a pope and bearing keys and a double-barred cross

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